What happens after my GP refers me?

Your GP may have referred directly to the community gynaecology service, or created an open gynaecological referral. Our triage team read all the referral letters and direct the referrals to the most appropriate service for your problem. This may be one of the clinics in the community gynaecology service, or it may be a hospital appointment. If your referral has been triaged to one of the community clinics our administrator will then call you to offer an appointment, you will have a choice of whether you would like to be seen in the community service or at an alternative location.  Our community clinics are based at Shere Surgery and St Luke’s Surgery. If we cannot reach you by phone we will write to you with an appointment.

How can I re-arrange my appointment?

Please phone Shere Surgery on 01483 202066 and ask to speak to the Gynae Service co-ordinator.

Preparation for your appointment

What happens at my appointment?

  • You will be seen by one of the doctors in our team, we will have directed your referral to the doctor most appropriate to deal with your condition.

  • We aim to provide a one-stop service. This means we try to carry out all the tests you need on the same day, for example we undertake ultrasound scans, biopsies and smears, we can fit coils and remove polyps and arrange surgical procedures.

  • We try to run on time, each new appointment is 45mins long (if you are coming for a follow up your apointment may be shorter) which usually offers us plenty of time to listen to all your concerns, undertake any tests and develop a management plan with you.

  • We work very closely with the gynaecology team at the Royal Surrey County Hospital (RSCH). Some of our patients go on to require an operation and this would usually be undertaken at the RSCH by one of the consultants in our integrated team.